Use the listing below to find the model number of your Atlas Copco hammer.  Next to your model number is the name of the Champion Chisel shank style that will fit in your hammer.  You may click on either the model number or shank style to open the corresponding webpage to purchase chisels for your hammer.

If you do not see your model listed or have any questions, please call 800-239-1434.

Hammer Model - Shank Style

PB10 - Kango 21mm Style

PB10C - Kango 21mm Style

PB10H - Spline Drive

PB14C - Kango 21mm Style

PB32B - 1-1/8" Hex Notch

PB6C - Kango 21mm Style

PH11C - Kango 21mm Style

PH11H - Spline Drive

PH55 - SDS Max

PH5H - Spline Drive

PH-5S - SDS Max

PH6-6S - SDS Max

PHE40S - SDS Max

PHE45S - SDS Max

PHE50S - SDS Max

PHE5H - Spline Drive

PHE-5S - SDS Max

PHE75 - SDS Max