Safety Tips and Warnings

The following recommendations should help to increase the life of the tool and also contribute to personal safety and better performance.

  • When using any tool, safety glasses, safety shoes, safety helmet, safety gloves and ear plugs should be worn for full protection.
  • Always have a sure footing to give hammer proper support while operating and don't take chances.
  • Never use air tools for prying during use. If tool is being used properly, this action is not necessary. 
  • Never use dull tools as they will accomplish very little and could break from fatigue. Proper reconditioning procedures should be followed to prevent premature breakage.
  • Hammer parts should always be kept in good repair. Worn bushings and pistons cause excessive shank wear on tools.
  • Warm tools prior to use when temperature is below freezing.
  • Warranty applies only to tools in their original condition. Reconditioned tools are not covered by warranty except when reconditioning is done by Champion Chisel Works, Inc.